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3 Ways to Start Your Day

Everyone has those days where they wake up and waste time. In an effort to be more productive the first steps should be focused on simply taking action. By taking action (the right actions hopefully!) we give ourselves the best chance at achieving the outcomes we hope to attain.

3 Simple Steps:

1) Wake up and drink a healthy concoction to boost your body. A simple concoction that I recommend is water, sea salt (1 pinch) and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.

2) Take 10 - 15 minutes of time for you and you alone. If you have kids this may require getting up a bit earlier than usual but you'll find it helps to get your day started and allow your mind to be in the right place. Simple things to do in those 10 - 15 minutes can include but are not limited to meditating, name off and focus on what you are grateful for, reading, listening to something inspirational or whatever activity you might enjoy to put your mind on the path to success.

3) Make your bed! I know, sounds funny right. However, making your bed sets you up with an immediate win at the earliest part of the day. Starting your day with a sense of accomplishment (even if minor) sets the stage for all the groundbreaking things you hope to achieve with the rest of your day.

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