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5 Positive Changes You Can Make To Improve During "Lockdown"

So this mess we find ourselves in leaves us with an uncanny opportunity to improve many areas of our life if we just make a few subtle changes. Many people are commenting, posting and discussing what they're binge watching on Netflix or doing to "fill" their new-found extra time. I would suggest using this time to begin working on whatever areas of health, finance or self-improvement you've been thinking about tackling.

Here are 5 things you can do to begin that journey:

1 - Read more. Find a book, article, or download whatever book in your area of interest you've been wanting to improve and dedicate a piece of each day on that topic. The more you know the more you earn if you apply yourself properly.

2- Stop giving the media (tv/social/radio) your undivided attention. If you have an area you want to know more about go to it directly. Remember, whatever media source you go to, you're getting what they want to give you. And if you need more "news", at least make sure that it comes from a source that doesn't have a connection to what they're feeding you.

3- Get a mentor. I believe this is an area where everyone can grow. You don't have to pay someone for advice anymore and you can basically find what you need online. If you want to grow a gardening business, expand your social media reach or just improve your fitness there are plenty of experts giving away tutorials and advice if you know where to look. Try youtube and find someone in an area you're looking to improve and go find someone who has done what you're looking to do. There's no need to reinvent the wheel and unless you're in need of "hands-on" mentoring, there's probably something out there for you free of charge.

4- Remove negative influences. This is big for emotional development. Yes, this includes friends that you've known for an extended time. It's unfortunate, yet, if you surround yourself with people that are focused on the downside you will acquire those characteristics. Remember, the people around you either build you up or break you down...choose wisely.

5- Commit and pace yourself. As the saying goes, "Rome wasn't built in a day". Take that how you will but understand that if you have a goal, it will require your attention. Even though Rome may not have been built in a single day, it was built over a period of time. That required steady progress.

If you would like to give yourself the best opportunity to improve, as I believe most do, start implementing steps that will foster your improvement. Now's the time to take advantage of your own situation and get to work.

Stay Healthy friends.

-Dr. Jim

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