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Daily Health Basics - Starter Version

In the current world we are being bombarded with info...pro, con, for, against any and all manner of everything. Sometimes it's important to just shut the whole thing down and do a personal reset. Whatever your "cup of tea" may be with all the current crises that are being debated, you can't lose sight of taking stock of you and your health. It's easy to get caught up in the mix and neglect the most important thing you have control over, your health choices.

I wanted to put this together as a simple reminder of what some of the most basic options are in regard to maintaining a solid baseline for your personal health. The list is not long and can all be accomplished, I contend, by everyone on a daily basis. I'm skipping the health benefits explanations as these principles building blocks that require little explanation and are all massive when it comes to overall longterm quality health.

1 - Drink Water: Half your body weight in ounces is where you want to live. If you're not there, well, now would be a good time to come up with a plan on how to get there.

2 - Healthy Food Choices: Choosing healthy over convenient is an obstacle we all face each and every day. The key is to remember why you're making the choice and to proceed accordingly. Don't let that little voice in the back of your head make excuses, you've done it plenty of times before and now's your chance to make the switch. Overcome that obstacle by scheduling when and what you will eat and you'll be able to bypass that little rascal trying to convince you to make one choice over another.

3 - Move (exercise): Think about how you feel after you've been stuck in the same spot for an extended period of time and how good it feels when you finally get up and get moving. The simple explanation you are meant to move and that's why it feels so good! Now take that up a notch and do it with purpose and you're on your way to exercise. If you're not exercising regularly, no problem. Start walking 5-10 minutes per day and do it daily. It doesn't have to be strenuous and can be at your own pace. The simple idea is to do what your body was built for and that's to keep moving. If you exercise regularly, great, keep it up.

4 - Mindset Motivation: This one is arguably my favorite. Getting distracted in our current world is more common than ever before. Keeping your mental real estate under constant guard is nearly impossible if you don't act on purpose. From social media to email or tv and the internet, "surfing" any of these can lead a constant state of distraction. My challenge for myself and anyone reading this is to avoid these pitfalls and it can be done quite easily. You simply have to act with intention and purpose. If you need to look something up, do it and be done. If you need to respond to email, do it and delete the junk without opening...you know what happens when you randomly click and stumble down that rabbit hole. Most importantly, read or listen to something inspirational for you that keeps your mind in the right place. If you want to take an advanced approach to making sure this gets done every day, plan out exactly when you'll do it and schedule accordingly. Your mind with thank you later!

5 - Sleep: Simply put, this is one of the most difficult as current research has shown. I myself have struggled with this for a long time and continue to do battle on a nightly basis. There's always something that can be done but recognizing it doesn't have to be done is the key. Here again, distraction. Sleep is, to put it lightly, by far the most important way to recover and regenerate and without it the rest is just a bandaid. We need sleep. Whatever your nightly distraction may be, tv, social media, work...the important thing to remember is that your sleep will allow you to do whatever it was you were going to do and to do it better. Your health in the future depends on it. And, yes, your sleep is more important than the next episode of whatever you were binge watching!

If you made it this far I hope you were able to take away at least one thing on this abbreviated list that you can improve on and start putting it into action.

Stay Healthy Friends.

Dr. Jim

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