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How To Boost Your Immune System With Subtraction, Not Addition

We live in a time with constant discussion surrounding the immune system, how to boost it, what to take and how it will be improved. I would like to pose a slightly different approach. With all the recommendations very few focus on simply removing the problems reducing our natural immunity and tell you to take (fill in the blank). A different, and dare I say, smarter approach would be centered on simply cutting out what's creating the damage and allowing our body to do what it is able to do naturally.

There are three areas areas I would recommend everyone focus on:

1 - Cut out sugars. Yes, you've probably heard it before and you're most likely tired of hearing it. However, ask yourself this question, have you cut out sugars? If the answer is no, then you know where to start. Sugar consumption lowers the immune system response for hours and utilizes key nutrients in order to counter the effects. If you're looking for a great way to boost the immune system I suggest starting by removing what can hold it back.

2 - Get off the couch and cut back on the sedentary time. Ok you've got me, I'm telling you to add movement, guilty as charged. However, the key here is to reduce the amount of time you are remaining still. As many will attest to there has been plenty of time spent catching up on the latest shows and binge watching whatever you've been told is the greatest show to hit Netflix. The problem with being sedentary is that it actually reduces your immune response whereas exercise and improved fitness do the opposite. If you want to boost your immune system and utilize your body's naturally healing ability it's quite simple...get moving. Anything is better than nothing. Go for a walk, a jog, do jumping jacks, it doesn't really matter what you do; anything to get your oxygen moving in and out will do the trick and that won't happen from the couch.

3 - Remove negative influences and thinking. Negativity and complaining have been shown to reduce your immune system and in the times we are currently living I think it's fair to say that is one problem no one needs. It's not easy to change the way we think or the habits we may have developed over time. However, if you desire to improve your natural immunity you can do so by taking some simply steps to remove negative influences. Start with what you read, who you follow on social media, what you watch on tv or listen to on the radio. You can immediately impact your mentality by removing negative influences and this will directly impact your immune system. It's always important to remember that you will adapt the characteristics of who and what you surround yourself with. If your surroundings include negative people, complainers or influences, it will take hold and not to your benefit. Small, subtle changes over time will help you to "clean out the closet" and set you on a path to positivity which will help your immune system to do what it has always been there for, to protect you.

Immune function and response are always key and there are of course great ways to enhance the immune system's ability to function. I submit that by getting rid of these few things we will set ourselves on track to better health, quality and quantity, and will be better prepared to respond positively to whatever challenges our body may face.

Stay healthy friends.

Dr. Jim

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