• Dr. Jim

How to Reverse a Health Slide

First things first, recognizing that the "slide" is taking place. No matter if you've slipped a little lately or you've been in steady free fall for years, fear not; you're just a single decision from reversing the slide.

In order to begin reversing I want you to pick one simple health action or activity that you can begin either today or tomorrow at the latest. It can include anything and everything you can think of from exercise, healthy food, meditation, stress relief exercises, breathing techniques, yoga, chiropractic, drinking water, stretching...the list is massive. The idea here is for you to find something you are 100% confident that you will do in the next 24 hours and make it happen.

Most people feel great after accomplishing a goal that is outside the normal routine. The win for this situation is that we go against the grain and change the sliding path we've been traveling by doing one simple thing different and immediately. That is the key to reversing the slide. We must offset the path being traveled and change it if we ever want it to stop.

Some of the most common health concerns can easily be halted and reversed by making simple lasting changes in our daily routine. Start with one thing, perform it and repeat. The next step would be to find the next healthy action or activity we would like to engage in and carry it out.

We all possess the ability to make changes, whether easy or difficult. The challenge is in fending off that little voice that says, "do it later", "it's not that important" or "you don't really need to do anything different". If you allow that voice to keep you doing the same thing then you can expect the same kind of results.

If you're happy with how you're living, have no room for improvement, have an optimal quality of health, weight, sleep and so on; congratulations you are in the minority. If you believe you have room for improvement, deserve a greater quality of health, believe you have a greater purpose than your living and want to feel more confident in your own skin, then this applies directly to you and will help.

Decide you are worth it and decide to take healthy positive actions that will reverse the slide. Realize that you deserve nothing more and nothing less than what you put in the work for and earn. So get to work and reap the rewards.

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