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No Muss No Fuss Smoked Ribs

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Sometimes it can be nice to get the kitchen messy as all get-out and use nearly every dish in preparation for the perfect concoction. At other times you just want to create something special without all the craziness. This recipe is exactly that, near perfection and about as simple as it gets. Here goes:

1 rack of ribs

Algae Oil or any high smoke point oil (coconut, avocado...your choice)

Sea Salt


Garlic Powder

Onion Powder

Here’s the key...patience and 5-6 hours of a little more patience. The trick is you put it on the grill after you’re brushed it with the spices and you basically leave it be. If you maintain the grill at a steady 250 degrees you should be looking at around 4 - 41/2 hours and I take it to 300 for the last half hour. Cook until the internal temperature reaches 205 degrees and the meat will be falling off the bones.

As to how to apply the spices, its up to you but here’s how I do it. Rub and coat both sides of your ribs with oil. One spice at a time, evenly coat the meat side, the other side is not necessary. Now you can choose to go with recipes that give exact measurements on pepper, salt...etc. I simply eyeball it. You will not over salt it, unless you try to!

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