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Tips to Avoid the Holiday Health Crash

Many of us have found ourselves on the couch trying to stay awake mid-day after the first round of turkey day food or Christmas desserts. In an effort to avoid losing any recent health gains and progress, here are a few simple things to do to side-step a major setback.

1) Plan ahead! That's right, planning is essential to avoiding the stresses we experience throughout the holiday season. If we plan out what is to come we can bypass some stress that may push us to overindulge in Grandma's famous cheesecake of your aunt's unreal brownies.

2) Veggies and salad first. For those who love the treats, snacks, finger-foods and end of the meal desserts, this is crucial. Often we go for what looks best and gives our tastebuds a big high-five, but our stomach and waistline certainly won't be thanking us later. In an effort to avoid going too heavy on the "rascal" stuff, eat the vitamin/nutrient rich foods first. This will also help to fill you up on what you need versus what your eyes are telling you to go for!

3) Portion control. Set a simple rule of thumb for yourself and stick to it. A helpful trick is to make a reasonable serving on your first trip and not the traditional bulging over the edges of the plate. After you complete your first plate, wait 20 minutes and if you find you're still hungry do what you must but go for much smaller portions.

Happy Holidays!

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